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The GDPR Diet: Small Steps to Help You Get Results

Yes, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming. It’s a wide-ranging regulation that will have new requirements including heightened protection for personal data. The GDPR applies to the processing of personal data by all organizations located in the European Union (EU) and, in addition, to all organizations located outside the EU that are processing personal data of individuals that are in the EU, where such processing is related to the offering of goods and services to individuals in the EU or the monitoring of their behavior taking place in the EU (e.g. via tracking technology). This applies to living individuals on EU soil, both citizens and non-citizens alike. A surprising number of company leaders seem to be taking a wait-and-see approach to GDPR, and given the scope of the regulation, that’s understandable — but it may not be wise.

That is because GDPR isn’t just a toothless suggestion, but a serious regulation that goes into effect as of May 25, 2018. And so, ready or not, it really is time to start getting your personal data in shape and putting your organization on a GDPR diet. But fear not! You do not have to run a GDPR marathon right out of the gate. You can get started by taking small steps that will help you get results – without going on a crash diet.

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Join this webcast and use the following information, so that you can put together your own GDPR diet:

• Basic concepts you need to know about GDPR to get organized
• Small steps that can help you get started making progress toward your GDPR goals
• Baby step 1: Stop drinking soda to start making progress (aka – consider data encryption to help jump start your diet)
• Baby step 2: Start walking to burn more calories (aka – consider data classification to help continue your momentum)
• Baby step 3: Hit the weights! (aka – consider data access monitoring to help you achieve the next level on your diet)

Get started preparing for GDPR!

For further information on the end to end Assessment, Process, Policy and Solution capabilities IBM offers for all clients GDPR Programs, see our Pathways Point of View white paper and further resources at ibm.com/gdpr

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