The Password ‘Pocalypse: Night of the Living Dead

October 31, 2017 – October 31, 2018

We’ve known it for years: the password was never considered a long-term solution for securely identifying a user.

Recent attacks show that users are finding it nearly impossible to protect all their passwords from phishing and malware campaigns. And for service providers, the risk of storing and protecting too many passwords is growing.

What would happen if we sent passwords to the graveyard – augmenting or replacing them with mobile or risk-based forms of authentication? Would users panic at the lack of a password box? And what half-dead credentials might emerge from the dead to haunt us?

Join IBM’s Identity and Access Management experts for a Halloween-themed take on our password-less future. We’ll provide practical tips on how you can integrate new, password-free forms of authentication into your existing Access Management platform, without wasting valuable developer time.

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Brian Mulligan

Offering Manager for Access and Authentication

David Bryan

Global Leader of Technology, X-Force Red

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