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Top 5 Challenges in Securing Your Private Cloud

Private cloud computing is fundamentally changing the way IT operates in a growing number of organizations today. IDC has predicted that the market will grow 23.2% in 2015 alone, thanks in part to users gaining confidence in the security and reliability of their private cloud. But despite the fact that cloud vendors are coming up with better security answers, there are still significant security challenges that have not been adequately addressed and pose a real threat to organizations, their data, and, ultimately, their customers.

This webinar examines the top five challenges associated with securing your private cloud environment and will discuss best practices in solving those challenges:

  • Stopping attacks from known and unknown threats
  • Detecting attacks hidden inside encrypted traffic
  • Preventing and containing malware and botnet infections
  • Controlling network access to unknown or unauthorized locations
  • Integrating with existing security software and appliances

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Greg Abelar
Senior Product Manager, Network Protection
IBM Security