Transcending SIEM with a New Wave of Security Analytics

September 18, 2018 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

In the past, SIEMs have been stigmatized as being difficult to configure, time consuming, loaded with over-simplistic detection rules and frequently producing false positives. Is this cliche still true today?

More than fifteen years of dynamics between attackers and defenders have pushed security analytics methods forward on the evolution spectrum. Expansion in data intake, processing, visualization and new forms of machine intelligence are now widely adopted by security analysts to fight a constant barrage of fast-changing cyber threats.

During this live webinar, you will learn how and why SIEMs have evolved. We will cover:

  • Why legacy alerts and descriptive analytics are no longer sufficient
  • Emerging methods in transforming threat and activity data into actionable intelligence
  • How security operations workflows are optimized with assistance of new analytics

Join our security experts to hear how the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence platform can help you combat today and tomorrow’s threats using modern security analytics.

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Bart Lenaerts-Bergmans

Product Marketing, QRadar

Rob Fichtel

Senior Certified Cybersecurity Technical Specialist