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Webinar: Can You Spot the DNS Threat? Stop the Cyber-Attack That Could Be Hiding Behind That Link

The internet makes our lives more connected and efficient. With just the click of a mouse we can access information, receive services and conduct transactions in a matter of seconds, but are you sure you are clicking on the right link?

Cyber-attackers are continuously improving on their attack methods and could easily put you and your enterprise at risk. It only takes a click on a deceitful link to install damaging malware to your device. Learn from our panel of DNS experts how to identify DNS threats timely and efficiently within your SIEM environment and build a strong toolkit for DNS threat hunting.

Tune in to this IBM Security webinar to learn:

  • About the methods that attackers use to exploit DNS
  • How to use DNS Analytics to find a compromised domain
  • How to leverage threat intelligence to investigate DNS threats

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Featured Speakers

Christian Falco

Offering Manager for IBM X-Force

IBM Security

Andrey Iesiev

Product Architect, Identity Kinetics & Threat Analytics

IBM Security

Chip Kaye

Advisory Software Engineer, Identity Kinetics & Threat Analytics

IBM Security

Paola Miranda

Product Marketing Manager

IBM Security

Gwen Hsieh

Sr. Offering Manager, Threat Protection

IBM Security