Webinar: Get B-Y-O-Dacious With The New Best Practices for BYOD

March 28, 2019 from 06:00 PM – 07:00 PM UTC

Once upon a time, bring your own device (BYOD) policies were all about email. Users wanted to check their email on personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but admins wanted to make sure email content didn’t fall into the wrong hands. That battle still rages, but some new combatants have entered the arena – mobile apps.

IT & Security leaders know that new business applications pop up almost daily, and users — as the name suggests — want to use them. With dozens of content storage and collaboration tools, shadow IT runs rampant.

But there’s hope! BYOD is a concept as old as mobile device management (MDM), but as MDM evolved into unified endpoint management (UEM), BYOD evolved as well. UEM brings a slew of additional capabilities, security tools, and integrations across any device, not just mobile.

It’s a crazy, risky digital world out there. Don’t get left in the B-Y-O-Dust

Join us on March 28th at 2pm EST, to learn the new ways that UEM adds a layer to BYOD:

  • AI enhances the end user experience and augments admin decision-making
  • Identity and access management capabilities give a frictionless pathway to productivity
  • Manage any app/integrate with any service so users can to do their best work securely
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