Webinar: New Research Shows the Path to Passwordless Authentication is Shorter Than We Thought

August 6, 2019 from 04:00 PM – 05:00 PM UTC

Information security professionals are in agreement: passwords are a major problem for IT departments and end-users alike. And while lower-friction authentication methods like biometrics are beginning to see broader adoption, credential-based methods of logging on are still ubiquitous. New research from Enterprise Management Associates

(EMA) shows that enterprises are experiencing major consequences as a result of their reliance on passwords, and are making plans to go passwordless. What new methods will they prioritize? And what hurdles to adoption remain?

Join IBM for an update on the state of IAM programs today, with new insights including:

  • What 200 information security professionals identified as the top requirements, challenges and approaches to introducing passwordless authentication in their enterprise
  • Why 90 percent of respondents experienced a significant password policy violation in the past year
  • What passwordless methods IT leaders are preparing to adopt in the next few years
  • The top methods leaders define as being both secure and convenient for users
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Lane Billings

WW Product Marketing Manager, Access Management and Authentication

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