Webinar: Next-gen Endpoint Attacks Are Here – Why You Should Transform Your Endpoint Protection Strategy

August 20, 2019 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

As threat actors are transforming their techniques on attacking endpoints, organizations must transform their endpoint protection strategy. Historically, threat actors used traditional file-based malware attacks alone. Today many attacks are non-malware attacks leveraging trusted system tools to stay cloaked from traditional antivirus detection. Organizations must keep pace with the transforming threat landscape and adjust their security postures across endpoint and network infrastructure.

Attend this session to learn more about how IBM Endpoint Managed Services leverages next-gen antivirus software and provides services that not only blocks traditional malware much more effectively, but also helps defend against today’s evasive threats.

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Tom Mulvehill

Senior Offering Manager

Adam Griffin

Senior Manager, MSS Infrastructure and Endpoint Security