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Webinar: Optimize Your SOC — Respond

Are you struggling to make sense of your security data despite having best-in-class tools? When the average Security Operations Center has over 80 tools from 40 vendors, how can security teams be expected to keep up with the volume and velocity of insights? In the modern SOC, it’s not about having more security, it’s about forging better security by maximizing your existing investments.
Join our webinar to see live demos of apps and integrations which accelerate the response to cyber threats with experts from IBM and McAfee.
See how these apps empower SOC teams to:
  • Initiate incident response workflows from their SIEM solution;
  • Simplify automation and integration via easy-to-use functions;
  • Automatically take action on endpoints with McAfee

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Featured Speakers

Patrick Routh

QRadar Offering Manager - Cloud Initiatives

IBM Security

Chip Kaye

Advisory Software Engineer, Identity Kinetics & Threat Analytics

IBM Security

Jaz Lin

Sr. Product Line Manager