Webinar: Practical Network Traffic Analytics – Lessons from the front lines

April 25, 2019 from 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM UTC

The network still doesn’t lie! Over the past few months, security teams have seemed to rediscover network traffic analysis (NTA) to speed up detection, threat hunting and incident response. They use NTA for a wide array of use cases, from essential hygiene – such as “who is in my network?” – to identifying advanced threats with an incredible amount of precision.

During this live webinar, we will cover:

– What makes network traffic analysis popular today
– How your peers are using network-based detection capabilities
– The most common starting points and advanced use cases
– Whether encrypted traffic really is a killer for NTA
– What overhead in data management or operations you should prepare for

Hear industry experts discuss how NTA can become a successful and integrated tool for your security operations team.


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Tom Obremski

QRadar Offering Manager

Bart Lenaerts-Bergmans

Product Marketing, QRadar

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