Webinar: Protect against DNS attacks with the X-Force Commercial API

July 25, 2019 from 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM UTC

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a foundational part of the internet that translates domain manes into numbers, also referred to as IP addresses. DNS is commonly exploited by cyber-attackers because it gives them an opportunity to infiltrate your network to deploy and control their attack from the inside and eventually exfiltrate your most sensitive data.

With the fast growth of the internet, the number of DNS related threats has increased, and new types of DNS attacks have been discovered. You can protect your organization and prevent a data breach by empowering your cybersecurity team to detect, respond and anticipate DNS attacks with threat intelligence that provides Early Warning about malicious domains.

Tune in to this IBM Security webinar to learn:

  • About threat intelligence use cases that leverage malicious domains to detect, respond and anticipate DNS attacks
  • How to select a threat intelligence feeds that give you the coverage you need against DNS attacks
  • How to infuse threat intelligence across your security tools through programmatic access through an API and/or open standards
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Gwen Hsieh

Sr. Offering Manager, Threat Protection

Ajay Punjabi

Sr. Offering Manager, X-Force Exchange

XueJie Yu

Advisory Software Engineer