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Webinar: Scale Your Program with IBM Application Security on Cloud

Software continues to permeate, uninhibited, into nearly every facet of our modern society. Having an application security solution that scales with your growing application portfolio is necessary to keep pace with a rapidly growing threat landscape.

Join Roger Tobias, Worldwide Sales Leader, and Adrian Owens, Security Solutions Expert, as they discuss how IBM Application Security on Cloud can help scale with your growing business, integrate into your existing agile/DevOps processes, and give the visibility you need into your application security posture.

You’ll come away with the following insights:

  • How IBM Application Security on Cloud seamlessly integrates into the development pipeline, maintaining speed-to-market for critical applications.
  • How to create standard security policies that can be pushed to the broader organization
  • How IBM’s cognitive capabilities can help streamline triaging, allowing you to focus on the most important security findings.

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Featured Speakers

Roger Tobias

Worldwide Application Security Client Value leader

IBM Security

Adrian Owens

Cybersecurity Technical Specialist North America, Certified Technical Specialist, Channels, AppScan

IBM Security