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Webinar: Total Recon: See You Online, Richter

Small and medium-sized (SMB) financial companies, such as community banks and credit unions, face a different set of security challenges than their large industry counterparts. Their security leaders are expected to protect the company as they would in any other sized organization, yet with less resources and budget. So, how can SMB financial companies achieve the same level of protection?

It begins with attacker reconnaissance. Attackers perform aggressive open source intelligence gathering to collect information about people or companies that they can then use to compromise the target. Their targets, such as SMB financial companies, should be doing the same.

Join IBM Security’s team of veteran hackers, X-Force Red, as they present a webinar – Total Recon: See You Online, Richter – about how SMB financial companies can use attacker reconnaissance to their advantage.

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Steve Ocepek

Hacking CTO

X-Force Red

Abby Ross

Global Hacking Communications Lead

X-Force Red

Gary Meshell Chief

Strategy and Technology Officer North America Security Financial Services Industry