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Your Mainframe Environment is a Treasure Trove: Is Your Sensitive Data Protected?

Businesses and governments alike are experiencing an alarming rate of malicious activity from both external and internal actors.

Not surprisingly, mission-critical mainframe applications make for desirable targets with large repositories of enterprise customer sensitive data. Mainframe environments are increasingly at risk, opening accesses through the internet, mobile initiatives, big data initiatives, social initiatives and more to drive the business forward.

Additionally, there are some security challenges that are specific to the mainframe – traditional protection methods are no longer enough, insider threats are also on the rise, mainframe environments could be more vulnerable with reliance on privilege users to administer security, silo-ed mainframe IT management, limited ownership visibility, and lack of uniformed security management across the enterprise.

View this on-demand webcast to learn more about specific mainframe data protection challenges, top tips for protecting sensitive data and key data protection capabilities that you should consider to address these challenges.

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Peter Mandel

Guardium Product Line Management

IBM Security

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Distinguished Engineer - z Systems Security