Get Equipped to Face Mounting Threats to Your Sensitive Data

August 25, 2015
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I roll out of bed at the sound of my alarm. It’s dark outside and there’s no sign of the sun yet. Today’s challenge: Conquer a 14,000-foot mountain that has been looming over my head for months. I grab my high-elevation trekking gear, double-checking my list to ensure I have the essentials:

  1. A compass and map to analyze where I am going;
  2. A tent to protect me in changing weather conditions;
  3. A pocket knife to adapt to all situations.

The trek and preparation to overcome the mounting threats to your sensitive data is not unlike climbing a mountain. You need a tool similar to a compass — a way to find, analyze and understand the data. You need protection similar to a tent, shielding your business from risks. And, finally, you need a tool that allows you to handle changes in the environment without disruption, comparable to how a pocket knife works.

Minimize Exposures and Risks

Did you know:

The world of data protection is getting more and more complex. Data collection continues to grow and is actually more dynamic than ever. Big data presents new opportunities, new headaches and new risks. Along your data security journey, the threat to high-value enterprise information is ever-changing, so constantly monitoring the data environment is essential.

Ready to overcome those mounting threats to sensitive data? Supply yourself with the right data security tools to ensure you have comprehensive data protection.


  • Automatically discover critical data through data usage patterns.
  • Uncover and remediate risks.
  • Understand who is accessing data, spot any anomalies and stop data loss in real time.


  • Shield the business from risk with automated compliance and audit capabilities.
  • Control critical data through static encryption, masking and other tools.
  • Support real-time protection via dynamic encryption and masking, blocking, alerting and quarantining.


  • Support traditional and disruptive technologies (e.g., Hadoop, noSQL and cloud).
  • Seamlessly handle changes within your IT environment.
  • Expand security capabilities from compliance to comprehensive data protection.
  • Reduce costs and improve results using a single infrastructure for the entire environment.

Guardium v10 Helps Protect Data

IBM’s data security solutions utilize intelligence and automation to safeguard data. Our data security solutions are adaptable and easy to use in dynamic and distributed data environments. We continue to evolve our breadth of data repository coverage by adding file systems to the list of places we can monitor and protect data.

Whether you’re facing the summit of a lifetime or overcoming mounting security threats to sensitive data, having the right tools on your journey is crucial. IBM Security Guardium is designed to safeguard critical data wherever it resides. This comprehensive data protection platform empowers security teams to automatically analyze what is happening across the data environment to help minimize risk, protect sensitive data from internal and external threats and seamlessly adapt to changes that affect data security.

Read the solution brief to learn more about securing the data that powers your business

Christina Thompson
Portfolio Marketing Manager, IBM

Christina Francese Thompson is a Portfolio Marketing Manager for IBM Security Guardium on the Security Marketing team. She initially joined IBM 11 years ago ...
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