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In its latest report for identity management and governance, Forrester has recognized IBM Security as a Leader. This comes on the heels of our recent achievement of being named a Leader in the “2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration (IGA).”

Forrester evaluated nine identity management and governance providers and weighed them across 26 criteria. These nine vendors were identified, evaluated, researched, analyzed and scored. The Forrester Wave report shows how each provider measures up and helps security and risk professionals make the right choice.

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Where Identity Governance and Intelligence Excels

IBM Security’s core identity governance product is called Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI). IGI provides full enterprise-level identity management and governance capabilities that allow organizations to provision, audit and report on user access and activity.

As detailed in the report, “IBM’s strengths lie in separation of duty and role mining, with aggressive plans to move the IGI platform to the cloud.”

IBM takes a different approach when it comes to separation of duty (SoD), using business activity-based policy modeling. This approach defines SoD policies based on business activities, which are logical business processes or tasks. With this, you can move away from complex roles and provide an environment for nontechnical users in audit, compliance or line-of-business positions to easily make decisions when it comes to proving and maintaining identity compliance.

IBM currently has course-grained governance capabilities in the cloud, with plans to expand to fine-grained in the near future. There will also be a focus on increasing cloud identity analytics capabilities, as well as more flexible workflow controls and automated configuration for common joiner/mover/leaver processes.

Key Takeaways From The Forrester Wave: Identity Management and Governance Report

  • Security and risk professionals want flexible deployment models and administrative simplicity.
  • Analytics, cloud support and risk metrics are key differentiators.

IBM’s Commitment to Enterprise Security

Customers all over the world are struggling with too many point products. They are looking for an enterprise security partner that develops solutions and services that are open, integrated and designed to leverage their existing investments. IBM Security continues to invest heavily in identity management and governance and integrate its capabilities into the broader IBM Security immune system.

We believe “The Forrester Wave: Identity Management And Governance, Q3 2018” is a proof point of IBM Security’s commitment to our customers. We will continue to enhance our overall identity and access management (IAM) strategy and strengthen our market presence.

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