The Wimbledon brand is built on grass courts, tennis whites and a digital experience that attracts fans with real-time coverage of the world’s best tennis tournament. In 2017, cognitive security technology and constant vigilance from IBM helped protect and the integrity of the Wimbledon brand.

Cognitive and other security technologies enabled analysts to quickly and efficiently identify and address the real threats hidden in nearly 200 million events experienced during the tournament. By teaming with IBM, Wimbledon was able to clinch some impressive results:

  • Investigate security threats 60x faster with Watson compared to manual analysis;
  • 5x increase in volume of security incidents analyzed over the course of the tournament; and
  • Zero breaches that impacted the 2017 Wimbledon website and brand.

With IBM focused on operating and protecting Wimbledon’s digital properties, the Wimbledon team was free to focus on the courts, not the cloud — putting on the world-class tennis experience that stands behind the Wimbledon brand. Behind the scenes, cognitive security, IBM technology, and the security specialists who monitor and manage the daily deluge of events, incidents and attacks united to keep the personal data of Wimbledon fans out of the hands of hackers.

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