IBM X-Force IRIS Cyberattack Preparation and Execution Frameworks

July 10, 2018
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The key to a good defense is to know your enemy. In the cybersecurity realm, that means defenders must understand how attackers operate to better protect against and counteract their attempts.

Adversarial goals and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) can be very different for each incident, but all attacks share some core concepts that defenders can work with to expose malevolent activity before it causes damage.

Cyberattack Preparation Powered by Threat Intelligence

Those common core concepts are the foundation of IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services’ (IRIS) cyberattack preparation and execution frameworks, which highlight the team’s unique approach to characterizing and communicating threat intelligence to help organizations protect their networks and users.

X-Force IRIS is a team of skilled professionals who proactively help organizations fortify their defenses against today’s evolving global threat landscape. The team’s approach helps security teams inside and outside of IBM understand the design and execution of a cyberattack in a detailed, organized manner. Analysts can use that insight to help identify and respond to threats that are relevant to their organization.

Read the White Paper to Learn More

This white paper presents frameworks that explain the range of activities that can occur both prior to and during an actual network compromise. Read the complete paper to learn:

  • Why X-Force IRIS developed cyberattack preparation and execution frameworks;
  • The key elements the frameworks address in the overall cyberattack model;
  • The key phases of cyberattacks that can help security teams improve prevention and response;
  • How to communicate complex threat information with ease and control.

You can also listen to the SecurityIntelligence podcast episode, “Fight Back with the X-Force IRIS Cyberattack Preparation and Execution Frameworks,” for more insights on attack preparation and response.

Read the white paper: IBM X-Force IRIS Cyberattack Preparation and Execution Frameworks

X-Force IRIS

The IBM X-Force® Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) team is a group of skilled professionals that help proactively fortify organizations aga...
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