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A ransomware attack took the 16-school district offline for more than two weeks

February 21, 2020
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The Moses Lake School District, which encompasses 16 schools, was hit by a ransomware attack launched from a phishing email that originated from an IP address in Moscow. The district refused to pay the $1 million ransom and set about rebuilding more than 50 servers and PCs using backups that were up to five months old. While school personnel were fortunate that the attack occurred during the summer, the lengthy rebuilding process disrupted preparations for the upcoming opening of the school year. The school district was without network access for more than two weeks and was still plugging in recovered workstations a month later. Superintendent Dr. Josh Meek said there was no apparent loss of sensitive data, as financial and student management systems were hosted on different servers.

Entities affected

School administration

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Megan Radogna
Megan Radogna is a contributor for SecurityIntelligence.
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