With the massive media coverage of today’s advanced threats, customers and thought leaders are recognizing that a comprehensive, integrated approach rather than a proliferation of point products is necessary. IDC recently released its 2013 security software market share data, which showed that IBM Security gained share, maintained leadership positions and dramatically outpaced the market. This is substantive support for our value proposition.

“According to IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker analysis for calendar year 2013, IBM Security Systems maintained its number one position in identity and access management (IAM) and security vulnerability management (SVM), which includes security information and event management (SIEM), and improved its share in endpoint security and network security,” IDC said in a statement on the findings, which have not yet been released to the public. “IBM significantly outpaced overall security software market growth and remained the number three security software vendor in 2013.”

IDC Reports What Our Customers Already Know

This data from IDC is solid evidence that customers and partners support IBM Security’s value proposition, products, support, engagements and all the investments we’ve made to grow the business; further evidenced by the division’s consistent double-digit growth, as pointed out during our earnings calls.

A steady supply of media coverage regarding the latest advanced persistent threats (APTs), cyber attacks and breaches have elevated the need for advanced security solutions to a boardroom priority. This constant buzz also raises the stakes: CISOs and partners demand the best security products and services from their chosen vendors and will quickly find alternatives whenever necessary. The competition is fierce and will only ramp up as startups enter the fray and established vendors consolidate in order to enter this market. But the trend is towards integration, collecting massive amounts of data, applying analytics against the data to identify prioritized offenses and taking action. A collection of disparate security products puts the burden on the customer or partner, neither of whom have the budget nor the advanced skills necessary to act effectively.

Our relentless pursuit of product excellence clearly demonstrates to our customers and partners that we intend to lead this market through innovation by executing our strategy and, most of all, by partnering with them to solve the problems they face constantly. We offer a clear distinction: Customers all over the world can choose to acquire a best-in-class product or an integrated and open security intelligence system from a single vendor.

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