Illustrations by Nathan Salla.

Welcome to “In Security,” the web comic that takes a lighter look at the dark wave of threats crashing across business networks, endpoints, data and users. Get acquainted with the team and catch up by reading Episode 001, Episode 002, Episode 003 and Episode 004.

Protecting the Castle With IBM

Securing data today — in many ways — is like the castles of yore.
We’ve built walls of fire to protect the servers, moats to thwart malware and more.

But is this the right way to protect all our data? There are some who will beg to differ.
The problem with castles is they keep things inside, when today’s business world is much bigger.

You can’t fortify mobile, for instance, as you did your servers. BYOD made quite sure of that.
And when you do secure mobile with too strong a hand, you can watch productivity fall flat.

Also, when the mortar has dried on ramparts built high, the resources to build more start lagging.
Which is trouble, since enemies that once attacked from the ground just hired a ransomware dragon.

Fear not, gentle reader, because all is not lost. We’ll never leave you in the dark ages!
IBM has an immune system that grows with your kingdom, conceived by our security sages.

Learn more about the IBM Security Immune System

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