Some concepts have long been accepted as universal truths. Among the most familiar are Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion, which date back more than 300 years. Today, however, there are new principles defining how burgeoning technologies will behave in specific situations.

A perfect example is the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which has generated serious concerns for IT security. As the IoT realm continues to develop and even greater security risks come to the fore, IBM has identified five indisputable facts about IoT security that should be recognized as universal truths:

  1. Devices will operate in hostile environments.
  2. Software security will degrade over time.
  3. Shared secrets do not remain secret.
  4. Weak configurations will persist.
  5. As data accumulates, exposure issues will increase.

View the infographic and listen to the accompanying podcast series over the next five weeks to learn more.

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