Collaboration, integration and teamwork are jargon you might hear daily in your professional life. We strive to collaborate with our colleagues, family and friends to achieve our personal goals and share expertise. In 2015, IBM Security took this collaborative approach to the next level by launching the IBM Security App Exchange, a marketplace for the security community, and inviting all partners and clients to create and share apps based on the company’s security technologies. This ecosystem of apps enabled IBM and partners to collaborate to develop a stronger defense against the threats affecting the security market.

Join the webinar series: Explore the IBM Security App Exchange Ecosystem for Collaborative Defense

Unlock the Full Potential of the IBM Security App Exchange

Since its inception, the IBM Security App Exchange has introduced several significant apps that are being leveraged by market players to strengthen their security defense with collaboration. The ecosystem already has around 100 apps, including IBM and partner apps, and the numbers are increasing. In our client meetings, numerous testimonials have been shared regarding how the App Exchange is vital for a collaborative defense, and clients are eager to know what’s cooking.

We heard you, and now we invite you to join us for a new webinar series in which IBM experts will introduce new and exciting apps. Below are sessions we have planned for May and June.

Squash Insider Threats With QRadar and Watson

On May 17, Milan Patel, program director for security offerings management, and Stephen C. Will, threat intelligence engineer, will present a demo of an insider threat detected by the QRadar UBA app and investigated with Watson for Cyber Security. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How user behavior analytics (UBA) extends the value of IBM QRadar with a user-centric view of threats;
  • How to quickly identify and understand threats with Watson for Cyber Security; and
  • The advantages of leveraging apps through the IBM Security App Exchange.

Achieve Clear, Broad Visibility With BigFix

On May 31, you will learn from I-Lung Kao, BigFix product manager, and George Mina, program director for Watson for Cyber Security, endpoint and mobile security. They’ll discuss the new IBM BigFix App for QRadar, which can bring together powerful sources of information, including security events collected and analyzed by QRadar, endpoint activity and endpoint security posture, such as the vulnerability/patch status and antivirus deployment health measured and managed by the BigFix platform.

With this broad visibility into both activity and security posture, direct connections can be made between a detected attack and endpoint exposure, providing clarity into exactly what remedial actions should be taken. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the IBM BigFix App for QRadar provides automated, precise clarity and efficiencies into the security analyst’s daily investigative duties; and
  • How the app eliminates the need for manual searching and correlation between disparate systems, and creates clearer prioritization of responses to active threats.

Optimize the Security Operations Center

Finally, on June 13, Shane Lundy, program director of security offerings management, will talk about how analysts in a security operations center (SOC) can take advantage of apps to optimize their current security products and speed up reaction times. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to make your security intelligence solution work for you with a virtual assistant add-on;
  • How to create your own extensions or enhance existing ones to customize your security intelligence platform; and
  • How to identify new threat vectors in your monitored SOC through interactive visualizations.

Register Now to Learn More

We are eager to share the latest IBM apps with you so that you can start using them to build a strong defense strategy with collaboration. Register for one or more of these webinars here and visit the IBM Security App Exchange to familiarize yourself with all the offerings.

Join the webinar series: Explore the IBM Security App Exchange Ecosystem for Collaborative Defense

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