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In late 2011 IBM acquired Q1 Labs, the company for which I was previously the CEO and with it created the IBM Security Systems division. IBM has been investing in security software products and capabilities for many years, but prior to 2011 those capabilities were largely spread across different divisions.  For example, we have extensive application security capabilities, and for a long time those capabilities were brought to market alongside our application development capabilities in IBM’s Rational brand.

However, due to the increased sophistication of threats and the prevalence of fraud faced by our customers, a more comprehensive, open and integrated approach to IT security emerged.  As a result, IBM consolidated our extensive security capabilities under a single organization with a single mission, to help customers around the world, in all industries, address the security challenges they face today.

The Security Intelligence Mission

IBM’s security intelligence mission is to harness all of the security-relevant information across your organization (people, data, applications, infrastructure) and then apply advanced intelligence and analytics to help organizations detect threats faster, prioritize risks more effectively and automate compliance activities.

Steve Robinson, VP IBM Security Systems, discusses the case for Security Intelligence

We’ve been meeting with customers and partners across the world, engaged in discussions about our how our strategy can help organizations  move up the security maturity curve and become far more resilient to attacks.

Many organizations have a multitude of different security products that don’t easily interact with one another and this has created a need for more integration.  We are tackling this challenge by not only focusing on creating meaningful integrations within our own portfolio, but by working with technology and integration partners around the world to make sure that these technologies can work together more effectively.

Consolidating our technology and expertise under a single organization has not only improved and accelerated our technical roadmaps, it has improved our ability to deliver robust solutions to our clients.  The IBM security teams have a more comprehensive view of client challenges and are better equipped than ever before to deliver meaningful solutions, ones that bring together capabilities from across our portfolio to solve challenges that span product domains.

New Security Intelligence Blog

And this is why I am excited about our new Security Intelligence site. We want to continue to make it easier for you to connect and collaborate with us.

We’ll be discussing new threats and trends, strategies for addressing different security challenges, what new products we’re bringing to market and how they can help and we hope you’ll engage with us and not be shy about what topics you want to hear more from us about. With dedicated content areas for CISOs, IBM X-Force, IBM Security capabilities, industry content, and more, you can easily tune in and interact with our expert contributors on what’s most important to you.

If you want to stay connected to what’s going on in both IBM Security, and in Security Intelligence itself, I recommending bookmarking this site, putting us in a reader, following us on Twitter, subscribing to our YouTube channel, and if you’re still a fan of email, we have a monthly newsletter you can subscribe to get a high-level overview of what’s new and upcoming.

We look forward to hearing from you. Give us your feedback on the site so far in the comments below. What topics are you most interested in reading about here?

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Brendan Hannigan

General Manager, IBM Security

Brendan Hannigan is General Manager of the IBM Security Systems Division in the IBM Software Group; he brings more than 25 years of industry experience to his role. Mr. Hannigan was previously the president and CEO of Q1 Labs, the acquisition of which catalyzed the creation of the Security Systems Division. This division brings together many capabilities across IBM to respond to the market need for sophisticated, comprehensive and integrated approaches to enterprise security. Mr. Hannigan held number of executive positions at Q1 Labs before becoming CEO in 2011. He has a Computer Science degree with honors from University College in Dublin, Ireland.