E-Book: 4 Steps to a Proactive Big Data Security and Privacy Strategy

Big data contains valuable information— some of it sensitive customer data—that creates a lot of risk. It can be a honeypot for internal and external attackers, but accidental and unforeseen data leaks are just as damaging as deliberate attacks. Recent breaches mark a turning point in consumer tolerance. The failure to protect data has not only resulted in stiff financial penalties levied by governments and trade groups; it also has led to measurable increases in customer churn, shrinking brand equity and even falling share prices.

Given the risk to revenue and reputation if that data is misused—organizations must take a proactive approach to secure enterprise data and enhance defenses against emerging threats. The four step approach, outlined in this e-book, helps organizations to develop a proactive approach to data security and privacy and keep enterprise data safe.

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Lynne Murray

WW Program Director, IBM Security for Guardium

Lynne Murray is WW Program Manager for IBM Security Guardium data security solutions. With more than twenty-five years...