An Incident Responder’s POV: A Brief Overview of the Latest Petya Variant

Wondering how the latest Petya variant differs from previous Petya attacks or from other recent attacks like WannaCry? In this short podcast Wendi Whitmore and Steve Stone, both of IBM X-Force IRIS, provide an overview of the Petya variant that has been impacting organizations primarily in Ukraine and Russia since June 27.

Listen now to gain a better understanding of what makes this attack unique and what your organization can do to protect itself in a landscape of increasingly widespread and sophisticated cyberattacks.



For more insights from Wendi and Steve, watch the complete 30-minute on-demand webinar in which they share more technical information about the latest Petya variant and offer additional advice for companies on how to prepare for future attacks.

Watch the on-demand webinar: An Incident Responder’s POV — Inside the Latest Petya Variant