An Introduction to Maritime Cybersecurity

When we think about the industries most vulnerable to cyberattacks, shipping probably doesn’t make the list. But while maritime security may not receive the level of attention afforded to health care or financial services, that doesn’t mean the risks are any less real. In this three-part podcast series, IBM’s Diana Kelley talks with a variety of industry insiders about the realities and challenges of maritime security.

Following the attack on the Maersk Alabama in 2009, former Marine Officer Jonathan McConnell founded Meridian.US, which provides security services and consulting for merchant shipping vessels. In a recent conversation with Diana Kelley, McConnell outlined some of the main security concerns in the maritime environment, emphasizing how these both reflect and differ from the security concerns faced by other industries.

Listen now to learn:

  • How the longevity of shipping as a profession leads to unique security challenges and opportunities;
  • What lessons the shipping industry is taking from industries with a longer history of cybersecurity;
  • What types of cybersecurity training and education exist in the maritime industry; and
  • How the vulnerability of ports could create a dangerous opportunity for cybercriminals.



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