Avoiding the Blindside: Protecting Against Encrypted Attacks and Evasion Techniques

Sometimes a cyber attack can blindside you – you just never see it coming. But if the reason an attack surprised you is that it snuck through your defenses using encryption or an advanced evasion technique, then there is more you can do to prepare and secure your network.

IBM’s Jordan Carlson recently sat down with Tolly Group founder, Kevin Tolly, to discuss the test results of Tolly Group’s evaluation of the IBM Security Network Protection XGS 7100.  The independent testing put the IBM XGS 7100 through its paces, testing its security efficacy against encrypted threats (it had a block rate of 100%), and barraging the XGS with nearly 4 million evasion-based attacks (it stopped all of them).

Listen in to their conversation to learn about:

  • The role of intrusion prevention in light of today’s security threat landscape
  • How IBM takes a fundamentally different approach to intrusion prevention, utilizing IBM’s Protocol Analysis Module (PAM)
  • How security teams can prepare themselves to help prevent attacks that use encryption and evasion techniques
  • A summary of the IBM XGS 7100 security efficacy and performance test results

Read the complete Tolly Report: IBM Security Network Protection XGS 7100 Efficacy and Performance Evaluation