Certifications and Risk Frameworks for Maritime Security

When we think about the industries most vulnerable to cyberattacks, shipping probably doesn’t make the list. But while maritime security may not receive the level of attention afforded to health care or financial services, that doesn’t mean the risks are any less real. In this three-part podcast series, IBM’s Diana Kelley talks with a variety of industry insiders about the realities and challenges of maritime security.

With nearly twenty years of experience in the cybersecurity realm, Cherise Gutierrez has worked for both corporate IT and industrial control systems companies and managed global security operations centers for some of world’s top firms. In 2015 she led the world’s first program for offshore drilling rigs to achieve “Achilles Practices Certification,” and she currently serves as a senior consultant with maritime security firm, Meridian.US. In this episode of the podcast, Gutierrez joins Diana Kelley to discuss risk frameworks and certification options in maritime.

Listen now to learn:

  • Which certifications matter in the maritime sector;
  • What the Achilles Practices Certification entails and how it was developed to address the specific challenges of the offshore technology space;
  • Whether risk frameworks traditionally used to support IT network operations, such as the ISO 27000 series or NIST SP 800 series, can be adapted for maritime;
  • How the relatively recent entry of cyber-based technologies into the maritime space is changing the nature of security.



To learn more about the challenges of maritime security, listen to the full podcast series and read about the Achilles Practices Certification.