A Security Professional Slashes IAM Costs with IDaaS

This cloud IAM video is a must-watch if you are a security professional who knows that identity and access management (IAM) can either enable business or serve as an expensive roadblock during revenue-driven projects.

If you have experienced IAM as the source of mundane tasks, hours of integration work and ballooning costs, you are not alone. Not to worry though… IDaaS has turned the negatives of IAM into business enablers.

In just two minutes, this video tells the story of a security professional who, by adopting enterprise-grade IDaaS, is:

  • Reducing costs by 60 percent
  • Onboarding SaaS applications 100x faster
  • Generating powerful access management, federation and identity governance reports from a single console screen

And these are just a few advantages of cloud IAM. Watch the video to discover even more.



Anna Seacat

Marketing Offering Integration Manager, IBM

Anna Seacat is an IDaaS enthusiast and serves as an Offering Manager on the Cloud IAM strategy team at IBM Security....