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Collaboration: The Secret to More Effective Security

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Mar 28, 2018
14 minutes


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Collaboration: The Secret to More Effective Security
March 28, 2018
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Companies today face both internal and external pressure to strengthen their security postures and defend against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. In such a high stakes environment, collaboration isn’t a buzzword; it’s the secret to more effective security.

In this podcast, Mitch Mayne, Public Information Officer for IBM X-Force Exchange, talks with George Mina, Program Director of IBM Security Strategic Alliances, about the importance of collaboration among different security products and even between different security vendors.

Listen now to learn why solutions need to integrate across teams and locations, how defense in depth is emerging as a new security standard, and why collaboration is the glue that brings disjointed products together.

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Visit the IBM Security App Exchange to learn more, or download the QRadar App for Cisco Firepower mentioned during the podcast.

Upcoming podcasts in this series will look at specific partnerships and further examine the importance of collaboration in the security realm — so stay tuned!

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