Control Access to Sensitive Financial Data with Identity Governance and Intelligence

Tight control over data access in the financial industry is not only necessary, it’s demanded by regulation. Seventy-two percent of security incidents in the financial industry involve current or former employees. Financial institutions need a solution that can help users to access what they need — and nothing else. In order to remain secure and compliant, an intelligent identity governance solution is required.

The right identity governance solution can provide the information and analytics necessary to maintain proper access in business-centric language, in order to enable communication between audit, the line of business and IT. Additionally, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into effect in 2018 and noncompliance can cost over $22 million.

This infographic offers a high level overview of the identity governance challenges confronting the finance industry and illustrates how Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI) solutions from IBM can help.

View the interactive infographic