Cyber Beat Live: More Than Threat Hunting — Identify Connections and Visualize Data with IBM i2

August 15, 2017
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Meet IBM i2, the newest addition to the IBM Security portfolio. The i2 product has deep roots in both law enforcement and the intelligence community, where it’s been used for nearly three decades to assist in all types of investigations — from criminal inquires to counter-terrorism  activities. Today, these same tools are becoming a critical component of many organizations’ cyber defense operations.

In this podcast, host Bob Stasio and his expert panel, consisting of Mike McCracken, Senior Solution Architect and Intelligence Analyst at IBM, Katie Crotty, Co-Founder and CEO at Praescient Analytics, and Dave Williams, Director of Technology and Product Solutions at Praescient Analytics, trace the evolution of i2. They also share a variety of fascinating cross-industry use cases that reveal how i2 facilitates analysis of large volumes of data and identifies key patterns and connections that even the most highly skilled analysts would struggle to recognize on their own.


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Bob Stasio
Global Offering Manager, IBM
Bob Stasio is a contributor for SecurityIntelligence.