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eBook: Stopping Zero Day Exploits for Dummies

Cyber attacks are growing every day and becoming an increasingly serious threat to your organization, but how well do you really know and understand the threats out there? Download a copy of this book to discover the zero day exploits and threats used to compromise your enterprise. Start reading Stopping Zero Day Exploits For Dummies, IBM Special Edition, today!

Download Free e-Book: Stopping Zero Day Exploits For Dummies

Zero day malware attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs) are growing, serious threats to organizations. Cybercriminal organizations seem to be more motivated (and more skilled) every day. Malware’s advanced evasion techniques are making detection solutions ineffective for preventing infections. Advanced information-stealing malware utilizes ever-advancing techniques for exploiting application vulnerabilities, infecting targeted endpoints, and stealing information.

Most security experts today agree that threat detection is no longer the answer. Traditional detection systems are declining in effectiveness. Anti-malware programs block only a minority of malware. Despite improvements in endpoint deployment tools and patch management processes, most organizations still take weeks or longer to deploy critical security patches. And cybercriminals continually develop new methods for bypassing detection rules.

This book discusses zero day exploits and additional threats that are used to compromise enterprise endpoints and enable APTs and targeted attacks. It also describes a promising new technology that provides effective yet transparent protection to enterprise endpoints.