How Can Companies Bridge the Data Risk Divide? Go Back to Basics

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Is your organization struggling with the challenges of secure data management? If so, you’ll want to hear this podcast, in which host Ken Brisco taps Dan Goodes, worldwide technical sales leader at IBM, and Heidi Shey, senior analyst serving security and risk at Forrester, for their insights into how companies can successfully bridge the data risk divide.

Why Data Risk Matters

With the value and volume of data increasing, how can organizations like yours make managing this risk a top priority? According to Shey, companies must establish the “why” — as in, why does it matter? What’s the impact if data isn’t secure? For Goodes, it’s about going back to the basics — recognizing that this isn’t a new problem, but one that’s become more critical than ever to address.

And ultimately, it all comes down to achieving buy-in from the board.

Ditch the Cavalier Approach

There are several common indicators that data management isn’t up to par. Shey pointed to making one group, such as IT, responsible for this task — while Goodes cited the philosophical divide of putting profit before security.

The recent implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), meanwhile, has forced companies to reevaluate their data-handling policies by minimizing access to information, identifying key data types and shifting away from a “cavalier approach” to risk.

Manage Risk With Documentation and Communication

How can companies meet evolving compliance requirements for data security? Shey highlighted well-documented processes — while Goodes suggested a strategic, top-down approach via individual assets. It’s also critical to understand data flows and ensure you’re doing more than simply checking the compliance box.

While both experts recognize the increasing value and volume of metrics, Shey noted that 65 percent of IT professionals struggle to equip business executives with this information. The key to C-suite buy-in: Collect metrics and then translate them into business-case outcomes that speak directly to stakeholders.

Effective data-risk management principles and policies are critical to protect assets and safeguard consumers. Discover more by listening to the latest podcast on your favorite streaming service.

To learn more, read the complete Forrester report, “Is Your Company In Peril If Critical Data Is Breached?“, watch the on-demand webinar with Heidi Shey and Dan Goodes and, of course, tune in on iTunes, Soundcloud or you streaming service of choice to hear the full podcast.

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