IBM X-Force Research: Security Trends in the Retail Industry

Attackers Are Shopping for Low-Hanging Fruit

With all the concerns plaguing the retail industry, organizations need to understand the trends and make the security investments that best respond to them.

In 2015, cybercriminals shifted from targeting large retailers to smaller businesses, but this is hard to prove given the lack of breach disclosures from smaller companies. Notable large breaches were frequently the result of point-of-sale malware, although IBM Managed Security Services observed ongoing attacks on the Shellshock vulnerability across client networks. Attackers are also attempted to infiltrate networks through other tried-and-true attacks like SQLi and brute force attacks and by identifying network weaknesses against potential targets with a pre-attack known as fingerprinting.

Read this report to learn:

  • How Black Friday and Cyber Monday attack traffic affected the threat landscape for retailers
  • The latest trends in credit card fraud, including the impact of chip-and-PIN card technology
  • How to protect against prominent attack vectors targeting the retail industry

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