Solve the Case with Identity Governance and Intelligence

In the age of the insider threat, you can never be too careful with who has access to what. IBM X-Force research has found that 55 percent of attacks are coming from the inside. Whether that be from malicious insiders (31.5 percent) or inadvertent actors (23.5 percent), it is critical that organizations ensure that users have the proper access they need to do their jobs and nothing more.

A malicious insider could be intentionally aggregating access to exploit in the future, or an inadvertent actor could accidentally have access they shouldn’t and unintentionally share the organization’s crown jewels or trade secrets. Have no fear, IBM is here to help you “solve the case” with identity governance and intelligence.

The top “suspects” in the case are failed audits, segregation of duties violations and entitlements creep. Each one is a reoccurring problem in the world of identity governance that IBM looks to solve by reducing audit risk, preventing toxic combinations and certifying access. By reviewing this infographic you will get a greater understanding of the risks associated with user identities and IBM’s approach to minimizing those risks.

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