IoT Security Fact #2: Software Security Will Degrade Over Time

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next frontier for security practitioners and the rules are still being written. In each episode of this podcast series, “Five Indisputable Facts about IoT Security,” the IBM experts will examine one fact that should be considered when building and deploying IoT devices. The purpose of the series, and the accompanying infographic, is to help end users and manufacturers understand how to increase security and protect data in the IoT.

Listen now for the complete insights from our featured panel of IBMers: Diana Kelley, global executive security advisor; Tim Hahn, chief architect of Internet of Things Security; Andras Szakal, VP and CTO for U.S. Federal; and James Murphy, offering manager for Watson IoT Platform.

This episode looks at Indisputable IoT Security Fact #2:

Software Security Will Degrade Over Time

Managing software updates is always a challenge, but additional difficulties arise when the Internet of Things is involved. Whereas traditional computing equipment generally has a life cycle of a handful of years, IoT devices, such as connected cars and smart refrigerators, are intended to last a decade or longer.

The risk of attack increases with the length of time a device remains in service, so manufacturers and end users alike must devote substantial attention to keeping the software for their IoT devices updated, and thus secure and compliant.



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