On the Complexity of Incident Response in Maritime Security

When we think about the industries most vulnerable to cyberattacks, shipping probably doesn’t make the list. But while maritime security may not receive the level of attention afforded to health care or financial services, that doesn’t mean the risks are any less real. In this three-part podcast series, IBM’s Diana Kelley talks with a variety of industry insiders about the realities and challenges of maritime security.

Capt. David Nichols (ret.) is a veteran of the U. S. Coast Guard officer and served as legal advisor and Chief of Staff to the Federal On Scene Coordinator during the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Nichols brings his extensive experience in the field of marine safety, security and response to this episode of the podcast.



Listen now to learn:

  • What special considerations must be accounted for when planning incident response for maritime?
  • How does the remoteness of maritime operations affect incident response?
  • How do physical security and cybersecurity come together in the maritime environment?

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