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What’s So Great About Collaborative Defense?

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Sep 7, 2016
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What’s So Great About Collaborative Defense?
September 7, 2016
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In this edition of the Security Intelligence podcast, IBM’s Pam Cobb talks collaborative defense — the how’s, the why’s and the who’s. With security solution complexity and skills shortages at the top of the list of CISO concerns, the inability to take action on the flood of data available to analysts means that streamlining integration and workflow is a must.

IBM Embraces Collaborative Defense

With the launch of IBM X-Force Exchange and IBM Security App Exchange, IBM Security embraced the idea of collaborating with partners and encouraging clients to do the same. With actionable threat observables and higher order threat intelligence on IBM X-Force Exchange, open standards allow analysts to put intelligence into action.

Likewise, prebuilt and validated integrations with partner solutions extend the value of IBM QRadar Security Intelligence, and other IBM Security solutions help speed the time to protection and insights. The streamlining of processes for both threat intelligence and solution integrations means that security practitioners can focus on actually protecting the enterprise instead of spending time making things work together.

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