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IBM X-Force Research: Security Trends in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers are less likely than companies in regulated industries to disclose security incidents. Nonetheless, automotive, electronics, food and beverage, textile and pharmaceutical companies and other manufacturers were the third most attacked sector in 2016.

IBM X-Force determined that the number of security incidents, composed of attacks or security events reviewed by IBM security analysts and meriting deeper investigation, was nearly 40 percent higher than the average across all industries, despite fewer publicly disclosed breaches.

The manufacturing sector was the victim of malicious input data such as SQL or command injection at a rate higher than other industries, which drove a high rate of attacks coming from outside the organization.

Download this new report from IBM X-Force to learn more about attack vectors and recommendations on the threat landscape affecting the manufacturing industry. Read the research report to learn:

  • Who are the cybercriminals most likely to attack manufacturers?
  • Why business espionage is a key motivator?
  • What steps cam manufacturers take to help reduce risk?

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