Monitored Security is Superior Security

Organizations around the globe suffered a record number of security leaks and attacks in 2016. Quite remarkably, the average IBM-monitored security client actually experienced fewer attacks compared to the previous year, down 12 percent. Yet this doesn’t necessarily mean less danger, as it could indicate that attackers are relying more on proven attack methods and therefore requiring fewer attacks overall.

The 2017 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index reveals the most prevalent attack vectors and targets for a variety of industries. For instance, while external attackers are targeting the information and communications, manufacturing, and retail segments, the financial services and health care industries are more susceptible to insider threats and phishing attacks.

IBM Security is uniquely positioned to see the latest trends from our monitored security clients. View this infographic to learn why IBM-monitored security clients fared better than others in 2016 and then read the complete report for additional insights on the threat landscape.



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