IBM X-Force Research: What You Need to Know About Injection Attacks

Are unpatched vulnerabilities leaving you at risk? Sometimes the oldest and least glamorous attacks are the most dangerous.

Brand new threats, fresh new twists on old threats — those shiny, new malicious objects — just keep on coming, year in and year out, but injection attacks remain the leading type of attack, accounting for almost half of all attack types. Attackers take advantage of injection vulnerabilities in operating systems or applications to penetrate critical web servers and access back-end databases. From using malicious webshells to planting cryptocurrency mining tools or malicious PHP scripts, there are many ways attackers can use injection attacks to reach their end goal.

Read this research report to learn:

  • How attackers are using injection attacks to achieve a variety of nefarious goals;
  • The prominent types of injection attack and vulnerabilities; and
  • Steps you can take to help protect your systems and data.

Read the complete research report: What you need to know about injection attacks

Security Intelligence Staff

Security Intelligence Staff

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