Microsoft Patch Tuesday – September 2013

Yes, it is that time of the month again. MS has released 13 bulletins (4 critical) covering 47 CVE’s (1 of them is publicly disclosed).  We encourage customers to refer to the notification for additional information.

To share the highlights with our readers I would first like to draw attention to regular Internet Explorer (IE) cumulative update bulletin MS13-069, IE vulnerabilities are rapidly included in widely spread exploit kits and the patch should be a top priority.

Another one is MS13-068 patches one vulnerability in MS Outlook. This can be triggered when the user view or even previews an email with a large number of embedded S/MIME certificates. Although it is not likely to have reliable exploit but new and surprising exploit code is seen every now and then, so this is something that should be patched ASAP as well.

Now for the server side, we have MS13-067 that addresses four vulnerabilities (1 RCE, 2 privilege escalation and 1 DOS). One of these CVE-2013-3180 which is a cross site scripting vulnerability that can be used for privilege escalation and has been publicly disclosed as well.

Other then these we have kernel and MS Office patches as well, and both of these attack vectors have been exploited in the past in targeted and non targeted attacks.

That’s it for the highlights, let’s get patching…

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Zubair Ashraf

X-Force Security Researcher, IBM Security

Zubair Ashraf is a security researcher and team lead for IBM X-Force Advanced Research. He is very passionate about fighting all malicious activities in cyber space (aka cyber-crime/ attacks, or APT etc.). Currently he contributes to this via several means, and to share a few, he is actively and passionately: Educating and training others via his Twitter, blogging or presenting at security events; Analyzing Exploitation Techniques, Malware and Vulnerabilities and advising the IBM Security System's product development teams on prevention and detection strategies. His twitter account (@zashraf1337) has been listed among security researchers that will blow your mind and recommended on Metasploit's blog as among those to be followed if you like vulnerability research and/or exploit development.