Having worked for 30-plus years in security and technology communications, one might assume that all I get to talk about is bad news. The increasing seriousness of security attacks and the often devastating losses to the victims get all the attention in the headlines.

We don’t hear as much about the companies that have implemented robust, risk-focused programs and support them with effective security controls. Are all security software products working perfectly? Even a seasoned communications expert knows better than to try to spin the story that way!

But in the dark shadow of cyberattacks, there are bright spots — such as companies improving their security by implementing the best software and strategies. It feels great to be a part of that process at IBM.

Where Does IBM Stand?

Gartner recently reported its market share numbers for security software worldwide for the 2015 calendar year. To be clear, this is software only — not services or consulting, which will be reported separately.

IDC should also be soon reporting its 2015 security software market share. However, it should be noted that the IDC and Gartner taxonomies are different.

As it relates to IBM Security, there are quite a few relevant callouts for our division. According to Gartner, IBM Security is:

  • Fastest-growing of top five Security Software vendors
  • No. 1 in SIEM/Security Intelligence
  • No. 1 in IGA/Identity
  • No. 1 in Web Access Management
  • No. 1 in Security Testing
  • No. 1 in market share for four out of six categories
  • No. 3 in market share for the overall security software market
  • No. 2 in enterprise security software

More Than Market Share

Looks like IBM Security had a really good year. But as a wise man I once worked for used to say, “Customers vote with their wallets.”

These rankings and numbers are macro looks at a very complex dynamic made up of developers, designers, offering teams, global and local field teams, business partners, marketing professionals and — saving the most important stakeholder for last — customers.

IBM recently announced results for the first quarter of 2016, in which the overall business increased 18 percent (up 20 percent adjusting for currency). For context, this means we have consistent growth quarter to quarter and year to year.

So we owe a big thank you to our customers, partners and the IBM Security team for enabling us to report leadership, growth and what I would characterize as the embrace of IBM Security’s vision and primary attributes: intelligence, integration and expertise.

And another thank you for letting me communicate good news for a nice change of pace!

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