A Unicorn Without a Horn Is Just Another Horse

Nothing is worse than having visibility with no credibility. Yet that’s the story with a few new startups who claim to do what IBM BigFix has been doing for over 20 years.

Over time, IBM BigFix has provided clients of all size with best-in-class, multiplatform solutions for enterprisewide asset discovery, patch management, software distribution, usage analysis, configuration management, security/regulatory compliance and more. Thousands of clients and over 100 million endpoints later, our clients still say the same thing about BigFix: “It just works.”

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that, when the U.S. Department of Interior recently reported that they’d discovered over 20,000 vulnerabilities — some dating back to 2009 — along with nearly 4,000 required patches, its response was to install BigFix immediately. To date, over 55 federal agencies have standardized on BigFix across over 4 million PCs, laptops and servers.

Since acquiring BigFix in 2010, IBM Security has continually enhanced the solution, most recently in the areas of querying endpoints in seconds, best-in-class EDR and integration with IBM Security’s Immune System and Watson.

IBM BigFix as an Industry Standard

Throughout the years, we’ve seen point competitors come and go: Newer startups that oversell themselves to be “the next big thing,” but lack BigFix’s hundreds of thousands out-of-the-box controls and checklists (which took decades to build). Smaller, VC-funded startups with a nice GUI that lack the automation that uniquely helps clients reduce time to value. Companies whose aggressive sales techniques convince clients to buy once, but whose tools are rarely deployed enterprisewide, let alone expanded.

In a world where enterprise software adoption rates are woefully low, BigFix remains committed to making our clients wildly successful. It’s the reason why clients who assume that they’re 90 percent compliant learn otherwise after deploying BigFix and subsequently increase compliance to nearly 100 percent — in just hours. It’s the reason why clients pass security and regulatory audits at the lowest cost possible. It’s the reason why clients consistently reduce cycles and costs, with payback in months.

Now, with BigFix Detect, our new EDR module, clients can consolidate best-in-class EDR, asset discovery, query, patch management and software distribution into a single pane of glass, infrastructure and skill set to compress cycles and costs like never before.

So, if you’ve found yourself in a situation where the slick endpoint tool you purchased only runs on PowerPoint, call your IBM representative today to discuss an exact BigFix solution for your needs. We remain committed to your immediate and long-term success.

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