The Challenge With Today’s Fraud Protection Solutions

Today’s fraud prevention solutions suffer from a number of maladies, from focusing on a narrow set of attack vectors to a lack of visibility needed to combat new and emerging threats. The challenge lies in the amount of relevant information that is aggregated and analyzed and the updated countermeasures that are deployed accordingly.

In many cases, organizations are expending resources chasing down missed fraud and false alerts, which creates a significant waste of resources for their fraud teams and organization while ultimately burdening the customer with unnecessary authentication challenges.

It’s Time for a Change

IBM Security Trusteer has been pioneering an adaptive, cloud-based fraud protection service to help financial institutions continuously and automatically maintain effective cyber defenses. This means that if a new threat is seen on any single customer device anywhere in the world, new defenses are implemented and propagated across all our protected devices globally.

Now, by integrating Trusteer’s offerings with leading IBM offerings, we are introducing an end-to-end cybersecurity protection suite. The IBM Security Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite can help organizations better detect fraud, help enforce access to online and mobile accounts, help analyze suspected fraud incidents and remediate devices identified as being infected with active malware.

Bringing together these four capabilities into a single integrated suite provides financial institutions with powerful, sustainable and adaptable fraud protection from a single-source provider, helping to simplify ongoing maintenance and enhancements.

The IBM Security Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite offers a simplified approach to fraud management to help your organization more accurately identify and prevent fraud — all while helping to lower costs and improve the end-user experience.

It can provide out-of-the-box integration for IBM fraud detection, enforcement, investigation and remediation solutions, including the following:

IBM Security Trusteer Momentum

Since its acquisition in 2013, IBM Security Trusteer has gathered tremendous momentum:

  • More than 475 leading global organizations use IBM Security Trusteer offerings.
  • Threat intelligence has been gathered from more than 270 million endpoints.
  • Our cloud infrastructure has expanded globally with locations in the United States, Europe and Japan, more than tripling our capacity and improving our response times.
  • We have more than doubled our staff covering research, development, security analysts, sales and marketing.
  • We have introduced new product releases with increased functionality and effectiveness, along with tighter integration with the greater IBM portfolio.
  • Major financial institutions use IBM Security Trusteer offerings to:
    • Help protect customers against financial fraud by detecting risky devices and transactions
    • Build a more secure mobile platform that helps manage cyberfraud by providing mobile financial malware detection
    • Help to detect, block and remediate malware and phishing threats across both customer and employee endpoints.

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