As you may be aware, InterConnect 2017, the premier IBM conference, is just around the corner. We are ecstatic about charting the growth trends of the IBM Security App Exchange during the event. Launched in December 2015, the App Exchange is synonymous with a collaborative defense ecosystem.

Working through the App Exchange, you can collaborate with more than 10,000 participating security professionals, download new applications and take advantage of new, security-related application program interfaces (APIs) to extend the capabilities of your existing security technologies.

The App Exchange is a proven platform for integrating and utilizing the collective knowledge of your peers, who are also constantly working to reduce their attack surfaces. Since the launch, the system has enabled more than 20,000 application downloads.

Experts to Showcase the IBM Security App Exchange at InterConnect 2017

This year at IBM InterConnect 2017, we have planned a lot of exciting activities for you to explore and learn about the App Exchange. Highlights of the event include:

  • IBM Security Booth: Visit the IBM Security booth (No. 826 on the Concourse) to meet the App Exchange team. You can learn why a collaborative ecosystem is essential, and run through the App Exchange demo to learn how easy it is to navigate and install apps on your IBM QRadar SIEM.
  • Partner Passport Program: This is your passport to success at the conference. After we have satisfied your curiosity in the demo, you will be given a Partner Passport book. Using this book, you’ll be able to meet the key business partner contributors to the App Exchange at InterConnect. Stop by the booths of the App Exchange partner contributors listed in the Passport, learn about their apps or extensions to collect passport stamps, and return your book to the IBM Security booth for a special reward.
  • Ask Me Anything: You will also find the App Exchange team in the Ask Me Anything demo station, located in the DevZone. Our experts will be available for a quirky demo of the App Exchange platform. You’ll also have another opportunity to ask anything about the App Exchange — just expect a witty answer.
  • Partner Panel Session: We have planned a partner panel session for you to attend on Tuesday afternoon (March 21). Listen to our esteemed partners and learn how they have benefited from the IBM Security App Exchange. We will have senior executives from IBM Business Partners such as Palo Alto, Prevoty, Carbon Black and StealthBITS present for this panel discussion, which will be moderated by the App Exchange team.
  • IBM QRadar User Group Meeting: Join other QRadar users for the first QRadar User Group meeting at InterConnect 2017. Connect with your peers and IBM product experts to share your tips and tricks on how to get the most from the market-leading security analytics platform. You’ll also hear the latest on the hot new app on the App Exchange: IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson. You can register for this exclusive session here.

Visit the IBM Security Booth to Learn More

Excited enough? We are even more excited to meet you, so register for the event and visit the IBM Security booth on the Concourse to explore the world of collaborative defense. To learn more about the IBM Security App Exchange, visit this page.

Don’t miss out – Register Now for Interconnect 2017

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