IBM has over a century of delivering technology innovation to the world.

One of the things that has made it possible for IBM to innovate for so long is its core values. One of those values is trust and personal responsibility in all relationships. And while our values work in harmony with one another, it’s this cornerstone upon which we conduct ourselves with our fellow IBMers and, most certainly, with our clients.

Building Trust With BigFix

IBM BigFix embraces and embodies our core values. We take to heart that famous Roger Staubach quote, “If you don’t have trust inside your company, then you can’t transfer it to your customers.”

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We see the value of trust brought to life every day with thousands of clients around the globe who use BigFix to secure and manage millions of endpoints. We’re proud of our vibrant customer-led communities and user forum, in which we see the valued collaboration between BigFix, our clients and our business partners. From these forums, we often learn of clients who are just as passionate about BigFix as we are, and our culture itself is emboldened by the power of that very same trust and enthusiasm.

And, dare we say, it’s also a whole lot of fun.

All those factors combine to enable BigFix to deliver one of the most trusted and secure endpoint solutions available, with features such as:

  • Full visibility and control into all endpoints on and off the network, even the ones you didn’t know about;
  • Rapid detection of evasive attacks using behavioral analytics that understand how attackers compromise your endpoints;
  • Guided investigation that enables security analysts to understand the full context and scope of an attack based on real-time endpoint information, not just historical;
  • Respond with purpose, providing targeted remediation, not only on patient zero but also enterprisewide, in minutes or hours through the same unified platform;
  • Attack surface reduction via continuous monitoring and enforcement of policies (tens of thousands of out-of-the-box security and compliance checks), including multiplatform patching (98 percent first pass patch success rate); and
  • Common infrastructure that enables additional endpoint capabilities through a simple turn of a license key, including multiplatform asset discovery, inventory and software distribution, to name a few.

Better Endpoint Security, Nicer People

At IBM BigFix, we don’t think it’s possible to deliver the kind of powerful endpoint protection clients need without trust, both with our clients and with our fellow BigFixers. As one of our clients cleverly put it after reading recent headline coverage of another endpoint vendor, “BigFix is all about better endpoint security and nicer people.”

We kind of like that. And you can bet it’s those kinds of qualities that will ensure BigFix will be around to help clients for the next century, too.

To learn more, attend an upcoming BigFix Proof of Technology (POT) for free hands-on training based on firsthand experiences from other BigFix clients. You can also watch the on-demand webinar, “Let IBM BigFix Detect Take You Beyond ‘Next Gen’ Endpoint Security.”

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