March 6, 2018 By John Harrington Jr. 2 min read

When it comes to selecting the right endpoint and mobile security apps, IT and security leaders face many uncertainties, such as:

  • Is there one vendor that addresses all mobile security challenges?
  • Why is it difficult to discover, try and use third-party apps?
  • How do I know the app has been vetted for enterprise use?
  • Will the app be compatible with my existing investments?

It’s a stressful endeavor to track down the right unified endpoint management (UEM) tools for the job, let alone find an easy way to try them out and decide whether they’re the right fit. Even once you’ve narrowed down your options, how do you know you can trust them or that they’ll work side by side with the apps you already use?

MaaS360 Partner App Ecosystem Now Available on IBM Security App Exchange

To help customers overcome these common hurdles, IBM MaaS360 with Watson has expanded and simplified its partner program. Today, IBM announced that new endpoint security partner apps are available on the IBM Security App Exchange.

Since its creation in 2015 with apps designed for QRadar, the IBM Security App Exchange has introduced several significant tools that market players are using to strengthen their security defenses with collaboration. Customers gain speedy, simple discovery and access to more than 140 enterprise-grade, validated apps delivered by IBM technology partners.

Expanding Your Unified Endpoint Management Capabilities

Under MaaS360’s new category page, App Exchange visitors can expect to find an assortment of apps that extend the breadth and depth of UEM capabilities. Each partner integration addresses a specific use case, expanding support and security of endpoints and end users, as well as their apps, content and data. Use case categories you can expect to discover include:

  • Mobile threat defense;
  • Compliance;
  • Reporting;
  • Virtual private network (VPN);
  • Remote control;
  • Cloud access security broker (CASB); and
  • Mobile application security.

IBM has validated each app on the App Exchange through a simple yet structured partner app integration process. By taking advantage of plug-and-play capabilities, partners can build custom apps that integrate directly with MaaS360 and are accessible from a centralized app repository.

Getting to Know Our Partners

The MaaS360 partner apps available for download, testing and use include:

  • AetherPal – remote control and view to support mobile devices;
  • AppVision — protecting your apps’ executable code;
  • Cisco — next-generation secure network access;
  • F5 — secure application delivery;
  • ForeScout — network management, security and tools;
  • Lookout — insight into the full spectrum of mobile risks;
  • Pradeo — 360° enterprise mobile threat protection;
  • Symantec — mobile threat defense for businesses; and
  • Wandera — real-time monitoring of mobile security risks.

Users can take advantage of these benefits by visiting the App Exchange or watching our interactive webcast, now available on-demand.

Watch the on-demandwebinar: What Can New Partners and Endpoint Security Add-Ons Do for UEM?

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